16th Morecambe & Heysham Scouts

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The Early Days

Found recently, stored away - This page in an "Exercise Book - Supplied for use in naval & military schools" lists the 16th's Troop members in 1958.
Recognise anyone you know?
Sadly, a number are no longer with us.

This page from the same book lists Scouts who were paying in camp monies - for the Whit Camp 1958, I think, at Witherslack.




Finally, in another similar exercise book there are progress records from 1957. This illustrative one's for Terry Derham, see photo below. I think the writing will be that of Ronald Preston the then Scout master.


Terry Derham 1958Terry Derham at Witherslack, 1958. He's holding my scout staff!
Whitbarrow Scar in the background.

The Early Days 1959The Early Days 1959 -
includes leaders Joyce & Harry Brooks, Pat Cooper, Kath Moore and Janet Green. Senior Scouts Bill Green, John Leaver, Terry Derham, Andy Yates and the webmaster. Scouts Tony Shaw, John Evans, Maurice Birkill.

Allithwaite, Grange 1959Grange over Sands 1959 - John Leaver and Bill Green admiring the view. Bill never went anywhere without his faithful Pye transistor radio (bottom right).

Scout Fair 1959 -
Includes Duncan & Brian Haworth, Phil Brooks, Geoffrey Turner, Maurice Birkill and Tony Lock


Kandersteg 1963Kandersteg 1961 - near Hohtenn, Valais
Phil Brooks, Mike Moore, Tony Shaw, Tim Dixon, Duncan Haworth, Pat Cooper and Joyce Brooks

Camp 1961 WitherslackCamp Witherslack 1961? -
Kath Moore, Pat Cooper, Joyce Brooks, Me!, Maurice Birkill

Stuttgart 1965 -
Joyce & Harry Brooks, Barbara Meadowcroft, Peter Hornby, Michael Howarth, Laura Crabtree, Paul Mayor, Mary Gray & Leslie Allen

Gilwell ParkGilwell Park 1962 - Phil Brooks, Tim Dixon, Paul & Andrew Mayor, Phil Rowland and others. Was this a joint camp with Danish Scouts?


Chief Scout's Award Presentation - 1970's
Ian Edwards & Dougie Pollock. Who was the presenter of the awards, and where did it take place?


Hazelslack, Arnside 1960/1
Andy Yates chopping logs. My Lambretta, 755 NTJ, also featured! 
Spot the contravention of camping standards . . .

The Venture Scouts trip to Kandersteg in 1967 with Bob Sharrock. Photo at Gemmi Pass shows Brian & Duncan Haworth, Me, David Ardis, David Copestake and Phil Rowland. {Photo c/o Phil Rowland.}


More early days photos . . .