16th Morecambe & Heysham Scouts

Providing information about the Troop and its Scouting Activities


Annual camp 1990 - Arran.
Hike to Goatfell
Taking a well earned rest on the path up Goatfell - it looks very hot!
Arran 1990 - our campsite in Glen Rosa. A beautiful location but rather lacking in facilities, and don't mention the midges!
  'Tour of Europe' 1991 - pictured outside the HQ prior to departure. Places visited included Wiltz (Luxembourg), Bernkastel & Freiburg (Germany), The Black Forest, Kandersteg and Meursault & Paris (France).
  'Tour of Europe' 1991 - Visitor photograph
  Broadstone Warren 1995 
Stuart Gill, Stephen Nield, Tim Wakeford, John Greenwood, Dan Wood, Peter Greenwood 
  Broadstone Warren 1995 - on the South Downs
Crew Challenge Competition 1999
Andrew Carr, Dan Nield, John Greenwood, Jason Lowe, Paul & Graham Jenkinson, Matthew Allen, Chris Smith & Olly Barnard
  Frostie Camp at Littledale 1994?
Adam Wood, Ian Makin, Stuart Gill, Richard Barnard & Andy Butler
  Hiking Competitions - Littledale 1994
Russell Gill, Kieran Wilson, Richard Wood, Jamie Clague, Stuart Gill, 'Morph' Gorst and Chris Hamilton
  The Leadership Team taking a well earned break at Silverdale. Whit Camp 1996
County Camping Competition 1995
Chris Walton, Neil, John & Andrew Wilson, Stephen Nield, Russell Gill, Adam Westbrook & moi!
County Camping Competition 14 Sept 1996 - Winners
Adam Westbrook, John Wilson, Chris Walton & Stephen Nield
Crackin' smile, Gromit!
  Hike to Gowbarrow Fell, near Ullswater. Winter 1999? Taking lunch in the shelter of the wall. Includes Jason Lowe, Sam Corless, James & Thomas Knapper, Dan Nield & Joel Hughes