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Diamond Jubilee Camp - Silverdale


20 Scouts and 2 Explorers/Young Leaders took part in the 2012 Diamond Jubilee camp, which took place at SilverHelme campsite from 1 - 4 June.

There was a full programme of activities both on-site and off-site. The main focus on Saturday was on the Survival Skills badge. Amongst other things Scouts learned about building different types of shelter and fires for cooking.

Later they built their own bivouac to sleep in for the night and Patrols cooked their evening meal over an open fire. The evening was finished off with a camp fire where hidden talents came to the fore.

On Sunday, owing to wet, cold and windy weather, the proposed kayaking session was abandoned. Instead we explored the environment of the camp, visited the infamous 'Fat Man's Agony' and then went on a walk into Silverdale where Scouts made some small purchases and we explored the village and surrounding area. 

Later there was an inter-patrol football match and Scouts then tackled an obstacle course, which challenged their fitness, skill and endurance. A wide game finalised proceedings.

Overall, the weather was a little mixed with some rain and strong cold winds interspersed with sunny periods. Fortunately the weather cleared on Monday to enable us to pack up in the dry.

Check out our activities on this video.

An enjoyable camp in beautiful surroundings.